Can wearing contact lenses regularly damage your eyes?

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Contact lenses have made our lives easier. Vanity aside, once you get used to wearing them, you can never go back to wearing eyeglasses. However, regular use of contact lenses and colored lenses such as coloured contacts for dark eyes Sydney come with their share of risks if you are not very vigilant.

From causing mild irritation to severe eye infections; regular use of contact lenses can have varying effects on your eyes.

Take a look below for a few common eye problems that can occur as a result of regular use of contact lenses, their signs and symptoms and how you can prevent them.

Common Signs and Symptoms

Although, regular and improper use of contact lenses can cause multitudinous problems, there are a few signs and symptoms that are common in all cases.

Some of these are given below and they should definitely prompt you to seek immediate medical care:

  • Burning or itching in the eyes.


  • Feeling of sand or grit in your eyes.


  • Redness in the eyes.


  • Blurred vision and sensitivity to light.


  • Excessive tear production or fluid coming out of the eyes.

Oxygen Requirement and Contact-Lens Related Hypoxia

Cornea is the outer most layer of the eye and gets its oxygen directly from the air. Since contact lenses sit on top of the cornea, they actually reduce, and in some cases even completely block the oxygen supply.

This leads to a condition known as ‘hypoxia’. Hypoxia, in turn, leads to corneal swelling and subsequent blurred and cloudy vision. This condition is most commonly seen in individuals who either wear extended-wear contact lenses or tend to sleep in wearing their lenses.

Your doctor will not only prescribe oxygen-permeable contact lenses but will also give you steroid eye drops to ease the swelling and prevent the condition from getting worse.

Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis is commonly known as pink eye and it has many different subtypes. Nevertheless, with regular use of contact lenses, giant papillary conjunctivitis is most commonly seen.

It is, in effect, an allergic reaction where your body perceives the contact lens as a foreign object causing the eye and eyelid to swell up and get inflamed. If your symptoms are mild, no treatment is recommended. However, if you have severe symptoms, chances are that you will be prescribed steroid and anti-inflammatory eye drops to alleviate the symptoms.

Since it is most likely an allergic response, you will be advised not to use the same lenses and lens solution to avoid further damage to the eye.

Dry Eye

We all know how important the tear film is for our eyes. Every time we blink, tears are spread over the cornea, ensuring that our eyes stay hydrated and are wiped clean of dirt.

On the other hand, prolonged and regular use of contact lenses and color contacts for dark eyes Sydney can lead to dry eyes. Dry eyes can lead to severe irritation and ultimately, infection of the eyes.

In order to prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you regularly use artificial tears or re-wetting agents to keep your eyes hydrated. Always look for re-wetting agents that are free of preservatives as they can also cause irritation and even allergic reactions, further worsening your condition.

Scratched Cornea

Use of contact lenses can cause corneal scratching and this can happen in a number of ways. You might accidentally scratch your cornea with your fingernail while taking out your lens or putting it in.

The lens, itself, may scratch the cornea and most importantly, if you slack in cleaning your lenses, the built-up dirt on your lenses can also damage the cornea.

Keep in mind that a scratched cornea provides a perfect conduit for bacteria and other microorganisms to enter your eye and cause severe infections. A scratched cornea may not be visible but you will most certainly have a ‘covered in dust’ kind of feeling in your eye. If this is the case, you must see your eye doctor immediately.

Eye Infections

Using contact lenses on a regular basis may predispose you to a number of eye infections, especially if you don’t maintain hygienic conditions. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites can all cause eye infections.


There are a number of ‘normal’ bacteria which inhabit our body. However, a combination of corneal abrasions and improper handwashing can lead to bacterial entry into the eye. Always ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly when putting in or removing your lenses.


Common cold virus is responsible for pink eye and Herpes virus, which causes cold sores, can cause severe keratitis of the eye.


Wearing your contact lenses or color contacts for dark eyes Sydney while swimming predisposes you to Acanthamoeba infection. This is a severe infection which almost always ends in corneal transplant.

Regular Use of Contact Lenses Predisposes to A Number of Infections and Eye Problems If You Are Not Careful. So Be Extra Careful When Wearing Contact Lenses.







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