Five Tips to Get the Best Pawning Deal

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The most popular reason to pawn your jewelry is to get cash up front. Your jewelry is considered collateral to get the money you need to pay off bills and other expenses. Then, you’ll to repay the loan by a certain date. If you want to pawn your jewelry off quickly for cash, then you’ll need to keep a certain amount in mind. Here are some suggestions that can help you out. 

Know How Much Your Jewelry is Worth 

The first and most important lesson is to know much your jewelry is worth before you pawn jewelry hollywood fl. You should know how much your jewelry is worth before you step foot into any pawn shop. You’re never going to receive the full value of any jewelry you sell. Knowing what your jewelry is worth in advance can give you more bargaining power. If you pawn your jewelry without knowing, you will have to take the word of the jeweler without knowing if that price is accurate. 

Determine How Much You Need 

Consider how much money you want to make. The sole purpose of pawn shops is to make their bottom line, so they’ll likely offer you 60% to 70% of what your jewelry is worth. You shouldn’t have to pawn more jewelry to get the money that you need. Knowing how much money you need can help you determine the lesser amount of jewelry you can use from your collection as collateral. 

Sparkle and Clean Your Jewelry 

You wouldn’t sell your car if it’s dirty on the inside out. The same should go for any jewelry you intend to sell. You want your pieces to look sparkly, clean, and presentable so you can get the best value. You should clean your jewelry before you pawn it. If you’re not sure how to clean your jewelry, ask a professional jeweler for advice. Different gems and materials require different methods of care. You don’t want to end up ruining your jewelry before you pawn it. If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning the jewelry yourself, leave it in the hands of a professional. 

There are a wide variety of jewelry cleaning products on the market that you can use to brighten your jewelry. When it comes to your precious diamonds and gemstones, it will need additional attention. Use a cleaning product and a toothbrush to clean around your gemstones and precious metals. Look for any dirt that’s in the prongs, clean between the stones and prongs for a thorough cleaning. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate 

Make sure to always negotiate when you visit each pawn shop in your area. You can’t let the jeweler have the final say. Whatever price you’re offered is sometimes negotiable unless the jeweler tells you it isn’t. This is especially the case if you already know the value of what you own. You can tell when you’re getting a low offer and you’ll be able to negotiate if needed. Keep your negotiations as high as possible. This will allow you some room to step down without comprising the price if you need to walk away. 

Visit Multiple Pawn Shops 

Just because there’s one pawn shop near your house doesn’t mean it’s the only one around. When it comes pawning your jewelry, you should visit as many pawn shops as possible. This can help determine which ones are the most professional and negotiable. You’ll see what each one will offer for your jewelry.


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