A Guide to Selling Old Diamonds without any risk or loss

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Diamonds will remain valuable no matter how much time passes, a feature that makes them an excellent investment. Assuming that these old diamonds retain their original quality in terms of cut, carat, clarity, and colour (4Cs) is a reasonable assumption, which should be easy when the gemstones are properly stored.

Several places offer services to buy old diamonds, so you should have no problem finding a buyer for the stones. Nevertheless, when selling old diamonds, certain steps need to be followed in order to ensure that the seller gets the right price and isn’t ripped off by an unscrupulous buyer who will only pay a small percentage of the real market value. In this article, we’ll walk you through some all-important steps to get a fair deal on old diamonds.

Be sure to hire a professional appraiser

We Whenever you’re only selling diamonds without the jewellery or setting that accompanied them, remove the diamonds from their settings. After that, keep the diamonds as sparkling as possible by wiping them with a clean cloth and storing them in a clean, safe, and secure location.

The best source of information about the fair market value of diamonds is the Internet; it provides information about the above-mentioned 4Cs. Initial calculations can then determine the likely market value of the diamonds.

A professional appraisal of the diamonds is still important when selling them, however, for many reasons. It is an objective professional in jewellery who will provide you with an appraisal of the total possible value of the stones, which will act as a basis for comparisons between the different types of diamond buyers. As far as possible, ask for an appraisal certification to support your price.

Make a decision about where to sell

There are numerous places where to sell old diamonds legally, from brick-and-mortar stores to online auction sites. The venue you choose depends mainly on your preferences in terms of ease of selling and profit you hope to achieve. These are just a few examples:

but first, if I want to sell my engagement ring then I will go first at:

How To Sell An Engagement Ring On eBay?


  • Especially when you are a customer of a jewellery store, you can sell old diamonds there. They offer reasonable prices in the hope that you will also buy diamond jewellery from them in the future.
  • Usually auction establishments make the most money, especially when the old diamonds are valuable in every sense. Your bidding amounts may go higher until you have received more than double your expected profits. Our recommendation is not to sell old diamonds through online auctions.
  • Diamonds can be bought at competitive prices on websites or if I want to sell my engagement ring that buy gemstones and jewellery. Be sure you have the initial appraisal on hand as many scammers take advantage of the relative anonymity of the Internet to fleece owners of their gemstones by up to 95% of their fair market value.

Selling old diamonds requires a very important rule: Never sell to the first buyer you come across. It is just as relevant to the sale of old diamonds as it is to the sale of other products, such as appliances, jewellery, and houses. Selling the old diamonds becomes a good idea once you have located the bidder who is offering the most money, so to speak.





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