Waste Free management Helps in Improving and Health and Environment

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Waste-free or zero waste lifestyle includes reusable alternatives to daily life by rejecting the harmful disposable items which end up in the landfills like plastic. It is high time that we switch to organic and recycled products before another virus like COVID19 makes our life hell. Many cities have already started the ‘no-plastic’ battle, but there are some who are still careless towards the wellbeing of society.

There are many ways to follow zero waste footprints. The first and foremost is to keep a reusable bag handy in your purse, bag, and car or to mention it on the top of your grocery list. Reusable bags are available in various fancy colors, styles, and prints. If you have plenty of bags at home, you’ll love to change them with occasions.

Custom Earth Promos provides the best quality wholesale reusable bags made from recyclable material and eco-friendly chemicals. Their mission is to eliminate the use of plastic from the earth. They have expanded to include new products like recycled water bottles, lanyards, seed papers, USB, straws, masks, gloves, PPE kits, etc. CEP has professional graphic designers who can help in customizing bags for businesses.

What is a Zero Waste Lifestyle?

The zero-waste lifestyle comprises of all alternative products that help in reducing pollution, waste, but improving the health and quality of the environment. Cardboard, vacuum, dryer lint, paper scraps, and most of the food trimmings are biodegradable and compostable. It may sound disheartening, but it means you’re turning into a vegan because non-compostable food items like meat, dairy, fats are removed from your diet as too much energy cost is associated with them and it doesn’t help your health and environment. However, alternative products sold in biodegradable packaging are allowed like foil or Tupperware.

Among all these, reusable bags make a lot of difference. It may sound time taking and tiring, to look for biodegradable packaging and becoming a little creative, but trust me in the end it only benefits your health. So, when you go for waste-free shopping you’re helping the planet and your body along with it.

Waste Free Training

  • Look thoroughly in your kitchen and make a list of only those things that are needed. Wasting food is also a part of environmental damage.
  • Go through the kitchen to see all processed and frozen food items which are unhealthy. This will guide you to make your recipe or you may switch to whole food meals which is a healthy and nutritious diet.
  • Carry only those many reusable bags that will be sufficient to carry the items on the list. If you carry an extra bag, you’ll end up buying more and wasting.
  • In the grocery store, check the produce section to pick healthy and fresh items. Later, you can move to the can and jar sections. (Fresh produce spoils faster than canned and frozen items, thus buy a limited amount).

Instead of buying packaged food go for healthy and fresh items. If you carry sufficient reusable bags, then shopping around will not be a difficult task. The benefit of waste-free shopping is to help you get a healthy body and a healthier planet.

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