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A lot of people take for granted that fitness performance and diet is very much connected. Working out complements what you eat and vice versa.  Athletes, dieticians, and bodybuilders know the importance of the two working together and so here are a few nutrition tips they want you to know!

  • Hydrate

Don’t just drink fluids during a workout, but all throughout the day. When dehydrated, muscle cells won’t be able to provide an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients. Pro tip: drink before you feel thirsty. This way you have more energy during the day while preventing fatigue and headaches before they occur.

  • Eat something before working out.

It’s a way to top off your energy stores before all the heavyweights and intense exercises. If you do this, your session for the day will be more effective. Low sugar is said to cause fatigue and lightheadedness. Snack on a banana or an apple and you’re good to go.

  • Don’t skip meals.

This is definitely a no-no in achieving fitness goals. It is said to be a wrong approach especially if you’re going for long term weight management and/or weight loss.  The explanation is simple, you need the energy to function and work. So how will you be able to perform your daily routine by skipping meals?

  • Know the importance of protein in your diet.

Protein is for repairing and building muscle after a workout. Food that is rich in protein include eggs, tuna, lean meat, soy, dairy, nuts, grains, and beans. It is also important to evenly distribute your protein intake throughout the day for great muscle stimulus.

  • Keep your electrolytes in check.

For short workouts, drinking water during your exercise is already good enough. However, for longer and more intense workouts, it’s probably better to take in isotonic drinks to quickly replace the electrolytes lost due to sweating. they contain similar concentrations of salt and sugar as in the body. Not only do these isotonic drinks focus on electrolytes because of the carbohydrates and sodium, but they also contain other minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium

These are the major nutrition tips that you should always, always keep in mind all throughout your fitness journey. Once you do, you’re well on your way to success! Now, are you ready to get fit?

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