Saree Draping Tips to Look so Gorgeous

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We all feel that there isn’t any garment like a saree that can be draped in diverse styles. Each style gives a unique look. Though, women who are trying a saree for special occasions are always worried to pick a saree that suits their body type. Most importantly, if you want to buy a new saree and you are living in some other place like the USA, you can purchase sarees online in USA from the best portals. They have a fab new collection at the best price. There are different sizes, patterns, designs, and fabrics that you can choose from easily. Buy them online and get it delivered to your home comfortably without any hassle.

Once you have your saree delivered, you need to know how to drape a saree perfectly to look absolutely amazing. Professional drapers know the ins and outs of how to drape and so they can give you a perfect example so that you look amazing. Let us discuss some draping tips now!

  1.   Belt style draping: Drape the saree just how you do normally and then add a belt that snaps the pallu at the waist. You can also use a kamarbhandh to get a traditional look. Add more punch to the outfit with a statement blouse.
  2.   Dhoti style draping: This is an offbeat look. You can try this if you want to go to a wedding ceremony. To get a dhoti style look, you must wear a legging rather than a petticoat to drape better. This is tricky but no worries if you get it right by watching a YouTube tutorial.
  3.   Mermaid Style: This draping style will spread the lower part of the pleats. So, you will get a tail of a mermaid. It may seem there is a lot of work to it but don’t worry you should just do some extra tucks and pleats.
  4.   Pant Style: It is quite easy and comfortable at the same time. The pant style draping gives a super chic look. You can go to a wedding by draping your saree in this style. No doubt it looks quite exceptional and you are sure to standout at any occasion you go.
  5.   Butterfly Style: This style of draping isn’t just stylish, but you will look thinner. What you should do is make some extra thin pleats of your pallu and then pin it on your shoulders.
  6.   Lehenga Style: You don’t need a lehenga as you can just drape one from your saree. Yes! The style of draping with lehenga is quite easy. What you should do is continue pleating the entire 6-9 yards of the saree. Obviously, some saree should be left for the pallu.
  7.   Neck Drape Style: This is very much easier. You just have to wrap the pallu around your neck. You know how you wrap a scarf around your neck, right? You must do just like that. To get this style perfectly, the pallu length should be longer.

If want to buy these different saree types? Check out: So, these are some of the best saree draping styles that you can learn to give yourself a new look. Other women would definitely feel jealous of your gorgeous new looks without a doubt and they will come to you to learn how to drape in style.

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