Custom WordPress templates – 9 things to consider before making the first step

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WordPress offers an extensive selection of prebuilt and customisable themes and templates. These are just a few of the things you should consider before you pick a setup for your site.

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Keep it simple

Complex layouts may seem futuristic on paper, but in practice, they can be clunky and cluttered. Taking a simpler route is often more effective, especially since most visitors will be using mobile devices with small screens to browse –

Embrace responsive design

No website can overlook responsive design as a core tenet, again due to the dominance of smartphones. This should be baked into any prospective template design.

Ensure compatibility

Responsive design accounts for all screen sizes and resolutions, but a template must also work fluidly on a range of contemporary web browsers, from Firefox and Chrome to Opera and Edge. Professional Web Designers can assist you with this.

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Choose plugins

WordPress is designed to be adaptive thanks to the thousands of plugins it offers, so look at the available solutions and create a layout that works with the vital ones.

Go international

When appealing to a global audience your site may need to display correctly in several languages, which should be reflected in the template’s features.

Consider usability

A custom template should be user-friendly at the back end, letting you add content, make alterations and push through changes without having to learn a whole new set of skills. You might want to check out the website and app of a similar company to yours, this can help with inspiration and to see how well their site is performing – for example, if you sell Farah Shirts, you may want to look at to see how easy their website is to navigate and use.

Factor in support

If you are getting a third party to create a custom template, thinking about how support will be provided in the long term is advised, since, if issues arise, you do not want to be left floundering.

Integrate SEO

If a WordPress template is not optimised for search engine visibility then it will be next to useless. Your theme should reflect this and testing will weed out any obvious flaws before you launch.

Check feedback

When commissioning a template or choosing a WordPress theme from the extensive batch of premade options, the reputation of the creator is a good indicator of whether or not it is worth pursuing. Thankfully, this is widely available and working with a recommended organisation will net you the best experience and the most positive long term results as your fledgling site takes flight.

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