The Look for the Summer

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As summer approaches it is definitely time to start thinking about looking good, getting out there, and living life to the fullest. Whether your fashion style is laid back, casual or businesslike there is something for everyone and for every budget . It is indeed important to look good as this has the benefit of making us feel happier and more alive. It is a fact that when we look good we feel great, see. 

If you want to be in the in crowd you’d want to keep up with the latest fashion trends. The beige color is definitely in for the ladies in the summer of 2019, slap on a beige jumpsuit or trench coat for a fabulously sexy look. The classic western look is definitely recommended this summer for young and middle aged people of both sexes, try on some Cowboy Up Apparel for that vintage sexy cowgirl or cowboy look. For summer parties, the ladies cant go wrong with halterneck or sleeveless flared style dresses that make you look both elegant and classy. Now lets talk female hats, as its important to protect yourself from direct sunlight during the summer. Always ensure you have sun protector hats handy and of course wear them while going out in the day time. For women that enjoy hiking and the great outdoors, ball caps and military shaped style hats will be suitable for such occasions. Floral prints and patterns are trending this summer so be sure to look out for these designs. Of course a lady isn’t complete without a chic handbag to go with her outfit. Lanyard style bags come highly recommended for the spring and summer. For the adventurous and flamboyant ladies, snake skin printed lanyards might be a match for their personalities. 

The men are not left out in this years fashion fever as everyone knows a gentleman must always dress the part. Shorts are making a big comeback this year and is a great choice for summer evenings and vacation days. Chinos shorts and a v – neck polo are always a good match for those laid back days. For a more formal look chinos trousers and long sleeve shirts are my favorite combination. Blue,green and burgundy are the colors of the summer. Be sure to pick out your shirts in these colors for a trendy and smart look. For foot wear you could go with brown or black moccasins or loafers as these shoes go well with both casual and semi-formal clothes. 

Always remember that you can achieve a trendy and fabulous look without necessarily burning a hole in your pockets. A smart shopper should always be savvy enough to strike a balance between price and quality unless of course money is of no concern. You could still achieve that GQ or Vougue magazine model look with cheaper attires from less known designers by matching trending looks with cheaper outfits.


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