Great Looks Don’t Simply Happen by Accident

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It’s almost impossibly rare for two people to have the exact same beliefs. If anything, that’s one of the greatest things about being alive. We have a tremendous amount of freedom when it comes to the paths we choose to walk down in life’s journey. Some of these differences come from mind alone. Other differences are those physical characteristics which we can’t really do much about.

But the ways in which our individual quirks mix the two is often one of the more surprising parts of life. But the interplay between mind and body becomes a lot more apparent as one really thinks about it. Differences in mind are almost self evident. We all know that there’s a rich playground of the mind in which we all develop. 

In a very real way every single one of us is a world unto ourselves. Our ideas about what’s good and bad, happy and sad, delicious and atrocious. All of these subjective ideals sit within every single person on earth. And each is different in their own ways. 

And of course differences in body are readily apparent as well. However, we often focus far too much on some concept of physical determinism. Genetics is of course rather important. But people put far too much weight on some idea of how they have to look. As if their parents or siblings lay out an inevitable map of the future. In reality we’re all pretty similar on a genetic level. 

The amount of genetic variation among humans only comes down to about 0.1% of the human genome. Basically, that means that there’s not a huge amount of physical difference between the average person on the street and a movie star or supermodel. 

Now, this is where the idea of a mind body connection comes in. If we’re all so similar than why do we often look so different? The answer is surprisingly simple. We all take our understanding of the world, combine it with subjective preferences and then use the result to shape our appearance. That might not seem possible at first. But anyone who’s had their makeup and hair professionally done can attest to how much of a difference it makes. 

Put in some long term workouts and dietary changes and one can essentially look like a whole other person. But really, the biggest issue often comes down to hair. Or to be more precise, what can push someone’s looks to the next level is proper use of a higher quality private label hair products

To see why, one needs to take in all of the above. Keep in mind that our actions are what defines our looks. And now think about the first thing people look at when meeting. We all look at each other’s heads. And hair is essentially a large frame. In literature, we tend to talk about framing devices as a determinant for overall tone. And the same can be true of hair. 

Hair is the framing device which determines how we present ourselves to the world. It’s true that a lot of different aspects of our identity go into how we present ourselves. But one of the biggest really is just how we work with our hair.


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