A Healthy Glow Never Goes Out of Style

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You can make your clothes and body pop with a tan. We typically see photos of tanned models in various ads and even our own friends and family in vacation photos looking great with their tans. A little envy of the vacation and the healthy glow sets in. While it’s not so easy to take off on vacation, it’s easy to get a tan any time of the year no matter where you live. Tanned skin has a healthy glow, looks natural, and makes you stand out in a positive way. Even in the dead of winter, your clothes pop a little more when nestled against tanned skin. When you wear brighter or pastel colors, the effect is stronger. Some people will stare at you in awe of your beauty. 

Just how to tan is the question. Contrary to an increasing belief, you do not have to choose between aging your skin or going without a tan. Tanning beds are convenient and quick. Tanning beds can give many people a tan in less than an hour and Castle Rock CO tanning salons give you a lot of options to get tan, safely and quickly. Tanning salons are convenient and predictable whereas trying to tan outdoors can make you available to peeping passersby or limit your ability to tan due to bad weather or outdoor pests. Another benefit to tanning is that UV light can help some people suffering from eczema heal their skin when prescribed by their doctor. Also, UVA and UVB light can help some sufferers of psoriasis also when prescribed by their doctor. 

Many fair to olive skinned people can get a tan in as little as 20 to 30 minutes in a tanning bed or outdoors whereas the darkest skinned people get a tan in about 2 to 4 hours in a tanning bed or outdoors. Whatever tanning salon you visit will help you to determine your skin type and the approximate length of time you will need to tan. Ensure that you allow sufficient time for your tan to develop as it can take 2 or 3 days to develop so you will need to allow this much time to pass before tanning again. Many tanning salons have a variety of products that will help you maintain and even lengthen your tan as well as products to create a tan without setting aside time for the tanning bed. 

Bronzing makeup gives the same result but it is not long lasting and can stain your clothes or sheets. It is best for when you only want a tan for a day. Some people can get tan in just minutes or overnight with a sunless tanning lotion. These lotions are sold in tanning salons as well as other places year round but the benefit of getting them from the salon is that you will get expert advice rather than stare at a wall of product and take your chances without expert help in many drug stores and big box stores. There are many choices in getting tan, just know that a healthy glow never goes out of style.


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