Six reasons to love maxi dresses

We have all been through fashion phases, some perhaps questionable. The maxi dress is a winning trend that will come to your rescue and feel totally ‘you’. Here are six reasons why we love the maxi dress.

1 Eat the Big Mac

The extra room in a maxi is wonderful. It makes meals a lot more enjoyable since you will no longer get that full feeling of bursting at the seams in your jeans.

2 No more toilet stress

Public toilets can be an ordeal, especially those with queues. Clothing like boiler suits makes for complicated bathroom breaks. With a maxi dress, you can easily dash in and out without losing your cool. A black maxi dress is the epitome of style.

Pinterest shows how to dress up a maxi dress:

3 Ready to roll

It generally takes time to look stylish, and sometimes standards slip as when you end up in the supermarket in pyjamas. However, throwing on a maxi dress is easy. It requires just a necklace and some nice shoes and you are good to go. Choose a black maxi dress for an elegant look.

4 Flattering fits

Nearly everyone looks wonderful in a maxi. The right cut for your body shape is important. Be sure to accentuate your waistline. Otherwise, you may look larger than you are. Also, bear in mind that broad straps are easy for bra wearing.

Avoid strapless maxis if you have a larger chest. Accentuate your shape by avoiding pleats and ruffles which can make curves look fuller.

With a small bust, choose high necks, open backs and deep V’s.

If you are curvy, get a dress that skims your shape without clinging. Bold prints such as flowers look great. Don’t select thin straps which can dig into shoulders.

Petite women should choose an empire waist or A-line look and try stripes and vertical prints or florals to create an impression of curves. Avoid bold prints which can overwhelm your shape.

5 Ditch the razor

You can avoid shaving your legs with a maxi dress. No more nicks and stress.

6 Speedy dressing

If you are always running late, or can’t decide what to wear, the maxi dress can be a great solution – you simply pull it on and go, looking effortlessly chic and elegant.

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