Can I wear contact lenses if I have dry eyes?

The invention of contact lenses and subsequent advancements in technology has completely revolutionized the optics industry. Use of contact lenses isn’t limited for medical purposes any more. From colored and tinted lenses to costume lenses such as black sclera 22mm full eye covered lenses, you can have your pick.

That said, if you love to amp up your appearance by wearing colored or costume contact lenses or are just using them for corrective purposes, suffering from dry eyes is definitely something that you wouldn’t want.

Let’s take a brief look at what dry eyes are and how you can wear contact lenses if you suffer from dry eyes.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes simply refer to a condition where natural tear production in the eyes is either not adequate enough to properly lubricate them or the quality of tears is not good enough to provide the desired level of lubrication. This may be due to a number of reasons including tear gland damage, aging, and use of certain medications and even as a result of a number of medical conditions.

Dry eyes usually affect both eyes and may have a number of symptoms including a burning and scratchy sensation in your eyes, a stringy mucus discharge, light sensitivity, blurred vision and difficulty in wearing contact lenses. However, if you suffer from dry eyes and love wearing contact lenses, don’t despair as you can still wear contact lenses even if you have dry eyes!

Always Maintain Proper Hygiene When Touching Your Lenses

While this may seem obvious, not all of us really wash our hands before touching our contact lenses every time. There is a plethora of excuses for not washing hands before putting in the lenses or taking them out.

Needless to say, if you suffer from dry eyes, it is imperative that you wash your hands with mild soap and dry them on a lint-free towel to reduce any chances of transferring pathogens to the contact lenses. Keep in mind that a dry eye is more vulnerable to eye infections as the protective tear film is not up to par to provide a protective barrier for your eye.

Never Go to Bed Wearing Your Contact Lenses

Although this has been reiterated many times, some of us do get lazy and forget to take out our lenses before going to bed. This is a very dangerous habit as going to bed with your contact lenses not only provides an optimal breeding ground for the bacteria but if you suffer from dry eyes, it can also mess up your natural tear film production. This, in turn, further worsens the condition.

Use Rewetting Drops Sparingly

Rewetting drops are like sunscreen. Even if the sun is not out in its full glory, you are supposed to put on sunscreen! Similarly, rewetting drops are a must if you love to wear contact lenses and even more so, if you suffer from dry eyes. These rewetting drops provide an artificial tear film for your eye and help in alleviating symptoms of dry eyes. Use rewetting drops sparingly as long as you are wearing your favorite contact lenses to protect your eyes.

Make Sure You See Your Eye Doctor Regularly

Suffering from dry eyes isn’t easy and it is recommended that you see your eye doctor at least twice in a year if you wear contact lenses and suffer from dry eyes.

It is important to get your tear film evaluated and to see if the contacts you are wearing are working best for you. Furthermore, a visit to the eye doctor will also ensure that you get your prescription renewed timely.

Use Some Special Lenses

Dry eyes can be a pain and if you love to wear contact lenses, then there are a few special lenses available in the market which have been specifically created to combat this condition.

The main purpose of theses lenses is to cover the natural lens of the eye and lock in moisture.

  • Soft contact lenses are comprised of silicone hydrogel and not only are they comfortable to wear but they also lock in and retain moisture.
  • Scleral lenses such as black sclera 22mm full eye covered lenses were first invented to treat corneal irregularities but now they are very popular amongst individuals with dry eyes.

    These lenses cover the entire sclera, without touching the cornea thereby minimizing any chance of irritating an-already dry eye. Furthermore, these lenses act as sponges and retain moisture, all the while creating a barrier between the sclera and inner eye lid.

    One tip when using scleral lenses for dry eyes is to soak them in artificial tears a minute or two prior to use to ensure maximum hydration.

Say Goodbye to Dry Eyes and Amp Up Your Appearance by Wearing Contact Lenses!




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