Three Easy Ways to Build a Summer Wardrobe  

As the weather gets warmer and more fun events happen throughout the summer, it’s always nice to look and feel your best. However, if you’ve looked in your closet and only see the old winter clothes, it’s time to reset your closet. First, you’ll want to go through your storage unit to find any summer clothes that still fit. Then, you’ll want to build your summer look with the following tips.

1. Consider monochromatic looks.

If you’re not sure how to put a color-coordinated look together, it might be the best idea to try monochromatic looks. Purchase a black t-shirt and a black knee-length skirt. You can apply the same concept to a pair of white jeans and a t=shirt. You can also do the same with colors like pink, orange or blue. It’s also okay to use different

shades of the same color. If you have a hot pink blouse and a carnation pink skirt, this is a look that can still work beautifully.

2. Add accessories.

When you’re implementing a simple color palette, you can have tons of fun with the jewelry. You can choose to purchase costume pieces that are from the thrift store. You can also switch things up and add in some high-end pieces from the soho jewelry store. It’s also nice to consider the use of classic purse that can go with a ton of outfits. Since it’s the summertime, you might want to find a few hands-free options like fanny packs, backpacks and crossbody purses.

3. Plan the night before.

If you want to make sure your look is pulled together, create it the night before. Take a look at the weather so that you can know what to expect and prepare for. In the morning, a lot of people are rushing to get out of the door. Consequently, they throw a few items together and feel a bit disheveled. When you work on your wardrobe in advance, you can guarantee a polished and planned look.

As you implement these tips on a consistent basis, you’ll begin to find new ways to improve your look. Don’t be afraid to become experimental with different color combinations and textures. As you have fun with the creative process, you’ll be able to develop your own personal style.


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